Tidied up my first fully fledged Java program in which it generates a random RGB colour (yes I’m British so its colour not color like the code) then prints the values in the JFrame so they can be input in graphics programs like Inkscape or GIMP. Main problem is that it runs 2 or 3 times for some reason before settling on a color which is weird and I can’t see any cause to.

Recently got into League of Legends and fell in love with a certain champion very VERY quickly…

This is the net for a dice based game I am developing which mixes the inherent luck of the dice with decision making and strategy.

This has made Windows 8.1 quite good. Basically making it into a giant Ubuntu ripoff.

Small part of a random thing I was doing. Thought it had good form.

Tribute to Nate Dogg, one of my favourite rappers/hip-hoppers. G-Funk bitches!